Membership makes available friendly help and advice on the problems associated with running a performing arts school. We sometimes run out of hours in the day but in this organisation none of us think we are too important to talk to you. We value your input.

A full set of examinations – see exam page for further details.
British Arts Awards – see Awards page for full details.
A full set of Exam syllabus and Awards entry details are provided yearly.
Whilst fully maintaining our professional standards, we do try to keep our membership, exam and awards entry fees at an affordable level.

A yearly seminar which includes classes in many different subjects and a teachers meeting where we discuss with you any proposed changes. Classes in specific subjects may be requested.
Free entry to spectate semi-finals in any area.

We really do want you to feel you have become part of a large
professional family.

Levels of Membership.

Teacher Non Teacher
Associate – AMBA Associate
Teacher Member – TMBA Member
Adv. Teacher Member – TMBA(Adv.) Fellow

Companion membership – CBA is for people in other areas of the entertainment world and those waiting to attain entry qualifications for Associate membership.