Arts Awards

THE BRITISH ARTS AWARDS is an annual International Dance, Singing and Drama Competition. Preliminary rounds which are judged on a national standard, are adjudicated in the teachers own premises. Honours items then go to an area semi-finals. At semi-finals, marks over 85 are awarded Merit Certificates. The highest merit marks in each section are then called to the London Finals.

The ethos of the Awards is very important to all of us at the ‘Arts’. Although the standard is high, we work to sustain a pleasant atmosphere and friendly competition, and actively discourage any overtly partisan behaviour.

Sections that may be entered are Ballet, Tap, Song & Dance, Acrobatic, Character, National, Modern, Song, Dramatic Art and Entertainment. All these subjects are covered for solo and duet entries and also for groups.



  • WATFORD  12th March 2022
    ESSEX           13th March
  • HAVANT      12th & 13th March
  • HULL            19th March
    SUTTON       6th March
    (Could also be 5th – performers must be available for both days.
  • STAINES      26th & 27th March

FINALS    2022

  • POLISH THEATRE    6th-8th MAY