Welcome to the British Arts

The British Arts is a non-profit organisation, dedicated to maintaining and where necessary raising the standard of the teaching of Performing Arts subjects.   We work to encourage a strong technical foundation combined with an understanding of professional theatrical presentation.

General help and advice is available to all our members, and we hope that friendly personal contact will always be a hallmark of the ‘Arts’.

Our aim is to help teachers to continuously broaden their knowledge both in the general evolution of dance and in the increasing awareness of the need for safe teaching practices, and care for the physical and psychological well-being of their students.

Another valuable part of our work is to nurture and encourage students with disabilities to express themselves through movement and dance.

Our syllabi cover a wide range of subjects and are suitable for both the ‘once a week child’ and the more committed student.   Dance is a very healthy form of exercise and both dance and drama can help to develop the skills and confidence needed in the modern world as well as combating it’s stresses.    They are also enormous fun!